About Us

For 75 years, Pietryka Plastics has been a leader in the injection-molding business. In that time, Pietryka Plastics has evolved from a producer of short-run, small, custom parts, components, and assemblies for US clients to a global provider no longer limited by size. Pietryka Plastics separates itself from its competitors by offering production, assembly, packaging, and shipping of its products all on site, at one place. Whether it is something as simple as a dosage cup or as challenging as a total product assembly, Pietryka Plastics makes them right, on time, the first time.

Through the use of high-tech robotics and new and innovative recycling programs, Pietryka Plastics has positioned itself as a primary provider to a global client base that spans the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, automotive, packaging, and electronic industries. Combined with the quality, pricing, and customer service that are already its hallmarks, Pietryka Plastics is at the forefront of injection-molding companies to best serve its existing and upcoming customers for the new millennium.

Our goal is to exceed our customers’ expectations through technical excellence, and provide superior customer service through our program of continuous process improvement at competitive pricing.